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Wanted to do something with the old DOD FX52 Classic Fuzz circuit, Even though its called "Classic Fuzz" its more of a fuzzy Distortion.

I tweaked it a bit, changed up the tone stack so its got tighter lows and more highs on the rotation of the tone control. Lastly because why not I added an octave-up circuit that can be blended in at the front of it. And of course I converted it to true-bypass and gave it a normal power jack, not found on the old FX52.

Sounds great on guitar, but especially great on low tunings and bass with the added tone modification with the tone all the way down.

I only made 4 of these for sale. This is going to be a short run and once they are gone they are gone.

Power requirements - 9vDC center negative. Boss style. This pedal will not operate with any other type of power. Using the wrong power requirement or supply will destroy the pedal!!! No battery operation.


These are handmade one at time. In the State of Rhode Island.

All sales are final.

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