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  • Antlers

One of my favorite circuits is the Green Russian Muff. It's lower gain sounds great on bass and guitar. In my humble opinion, it's just one of the best Muffs.

Antlers is my tribute to that. The top row controls are typical of a normal Green Russian Muff. The bottom row of toggles is where it diverts. These toggles let you easily tweak the pedal from classic to different. All toggles in the downward position (towards the foot switch) are stock Green Russian Muff configuration.


Volume - ccw quieter, cw louder
Tone - ccw darker more bass, cw brighter more treble
Distortion - ccw less distortion, cw more distortion
Mids Toggle - up boosted mids, middle flat mids, down (stock) scooped mids
Gain Toggle - up more gain, down less gain (stock) gain
Lift Toggle - up removes diodes in first stage, down stock silicon diodes in the first stage (stock)

Top mounted power and jacks, True Bypass switching.

Power requirements - 9vDC center negative. Boss style. This pedal will not operate with any other type of power. Using the wrong power requirement or supply will destroy the pedal!!! No battery operation.


These are handmade one at time. In the State of Rhode Island.

All sales are final.