$139.00 USD - $159.00 USD
  • Sunnmanor

Sunn Beta Bass Single Channel Preamp.

Based on the Sunn Beta Bass amps preamp section.

Preamp tone shaping, with the ability to go full bore distortion in a twist of the gain knob.

Gain - Controls the gain of the circuit (Distortion amount)
Low - Bass EQ control (Cuts or Boosts Bass)
Mid - Mid EQ control (Cuts or Boosts Mids)
High - Treble EQ control (Cuts or Boosts Treble)
Level - Controls overall volume of the pedal (How loud it gets)

Top mounted power and jacks, True Bypass switching.

Power requirements - 9v center negative. Boss style. This pedal will not operate with any other type of power. Using the wrong power requirement or supply will destroy the pedal!!! No battery operation.

These are handmade one at time. In the State of Rhode Island.

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